Brenda002235: The love of my life, merried and future. Man
my bar Zeig ich dir!
sports Einfach Bewegung!
my team Kein Fan
favourite artist Kein bestimmter
admiration keinen Bestimmten
must be nice
of course nice
for sure nice
oh yes nice
anyway nice
no chance nice
not for me riding
superfluous nice
dislike nice
no way nice
Age & Location
age 26
city / region / area münchen nice
seeking for the love of my life, merried and future
in distance of 3000 km
minimum age 26
maximum age 70
about me
my type nice
size Z.C1.45
weight Z.B .69
body ningle
hair black
eye colour blue
horoscope Krebs
fashion nice
taste nice
beverages nice
Interested in man
Profession hello

What makes me special is ...