Peterman: Έναν Άνθρωπο Με Αισθήματα

sentiment_satisfied enjoyment
my bar pantou
sports Πτήσεις με αεροπλάνο
my team ΠΑΟΚ
my music Δεκαετία του 80
favourite artist Αννα Βίσση
admiration esena
thumb_up affectation
must be auto cars
of course taksidia
for sure ilikrinia
oh yes net
anyway esi
thumb_down disgust
no chance psema
not for me afdadia
superfluous ipokrisia
dislike zilia
no way o gitonas mou
location_city Age & Location
Age 59
city / region / area Wiesbaden Νομός Κοζάνης
holiday Wiesbaden
favorite In GREEK-DATE.DE
seeking for γυναίκες για γνωριμία
in distance of 3000 km
face about me
my type kalo paidi
size 176
weight 95
body kanoniki
hair kastana
eye colour kastana
horoscope Τοξότης
star habits
fashion tzin
taste ελληνικά,
beverages ellinika
Interested in sto pc
Profession (msn) [email protected] (gia ameso chat)

fingerprint What makes me special is ...