Patvicki: I Am Looking For Soulmate.

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sentiment_satisfied Ich genieße
thumb_up Vorlieben
Sehr gerne Honesty
Ein Muss trust
Sollte sein loving
Gerne auch caring
Sowieso x
thumb_down Abneigung
Geht gar nicht cheater
Muss nicht sein lie
Überflüssig dishonesty
Lieber nicht disobedient
Ohne mich game
location_city Alter & Ort
Alter 40
favorite Im GREEK-DATE.DE
Ich suche griechische frauen
Mit Abstand bis 3000 km
face Persönliches
Mein Typ nice woman
Größe 130
Gewicht 200
Körper average
Haare Blonde
Augenfarbe Blue
Sternzeichen Cancer
star Gewohnheiten
Mode Jeans
Geschmack Fast Food
Getränke light wine
Interesse an music
Beruf Nurse

fingerprint Das Besondere an mir ist ...
I am serious, honest, cheerful, optimistic, romantic woman who is looking for intimate relationship, i am one man woman, i hate to double date and i want the same in return too.
My friends say that I am sunny girl. If you want the sun to shine every day you should be with me then. I like a good joke, and I enjoy it when I can make someone smile and feel good. : I think that truth, trust and honesty create and hold together lasting love! I am a woman who is passionate about life and adventure. I am serious, responsible, with strong morals and values, with a good sense of humor, and a touch of mischief and adventure. : If you are with me, you will see all the joys of life. : The sparkle in my eye will be for you. : I am physically fit and enjoy adventure. I am interested in fitness, billiards, swimming, cycling, reading, theater. I try to be in good shape and I think that my energetic and active life will always keep me in good shape. : To enjoy life is to search all it can offer and life can offer much. We can enjoy the life together. : Life is too short and beautiful so Im trying no matter what to keep myself happy, positive and optimistic.
It is not needed that my future beloved should be a prince on a white horse or a millionaire. He should be a man who will love me and take care of me. I will give my love to him. He should like adventure, but dont mind spending a quite and romantic evening at home. He should be serious and responsible on one hand and on the other hand he should be playful, caring, loving. He will be fit and take pride in his appearance as well as want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Can he be you?