Fatsimari: Hgghgh. Hgghgh, Μοντο, Ποδόσφαιρο, Ολυμπιακοσ, Ellinika

sentiment_satisfied enjoyment
my bar ΜΟΝΤΟ
sports Ποδόσφαιρο
my music ELLINIKA
favourite artist Πλούταρχος Γιάννης
admiration Μέγας Αλέξανδρος
thumb_up affectation
must be dgfgfv xg frvxg
of course gffgf xg
for sure gfrgfg
oh yes fgfrhghgt
anyway htghgtyh t
thumb_down disgust
no chance rtfyhtgyhgt
not for me thhtghtgfh
superfluous tgfcgbfedf
dislike frgxgfhgy
no way hgfgtcxbfgh
location_city Age & Location
Age 46
city / region / area ΤΡΙΚΑΛΑ Νομός Τρικάλων
holiday ΝΕΟΧΩΡΙ
favorite In GREEK-DATE.DE
seeking for greek dating app
in distance of 3000 km
face about me
my type gbfggfgfg
size 1.75
weight 70
body kanonikh
horoscope Καρκίνος
star habits
fashion fhhfhg
taste hfhfgvh
beverages fghfghgfh
Interested in hfgfbvgb
Profession hghgfhghgh

fingerprint What makes me special is ...