Katbu: Φιλία Και Ίσως Περισσότερα

sentiment_satisfied enjoyment
my bar ΠΑΡΑΛΙΑ
sports Wassersport
my team kamia
my music Σόουλ
favourite artist Xatzigiannis
admiration Keinen Bestimmten
thumb_up affectation
must be yachts
of course spor
for sure filia
oh yes ikonia
anyway helicoptera
location_city Age & Location
Age 66
city / region / area Athen Νομός Αττικής - Νομαρχία Αθηνών
holiday den ime
favorite In GREEK-DATE.DE
seeking for parejanrw
in distance of 3000 km
face about me
my type normal
size 184
weight 92
body atletic
hair Grau
eye colour Blau
horoscope Widder
star habits
fashion normal
taste ta panda
beverages ligo alkol
Interested in spor internet
Profession na topo apo konda

fingerprint What makes me special is ...