Samo70015: Entspannt, Tanzen, Rempetika, Vasilis Papakonstantinou,..

sentiment_satisfied enjoyment
my bar entspannt
sports Tanzen
my music Rempetika
favourite artist Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Thibeas
admiration Theodorakis, Mikis Componist
thumb_up affectation
must be Witz
of course Intelligenz
for sure Reflektiertheit
oh yes Vertrauen
thumb_down disgust
no chance Arroganz
not for me Geiz
superfluous "Macker"gehabe
location_city Age & Location
Age 54
city / region / area Berlin Berlin
holiday vorwiegend griechenland
favorite In GREEK-DATE.DE
in distance of 200 km
face about me
size 157
weight 58
body normal
hair dunkelbraun natur
eye colour braun
horoscope Waage